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Hawks bring home another victory against the Burton Bulldogs

Yesterday our football team traveled to play the Burton Bulldogs and beat them 20-0. In the first half Sebastian Moscarro ran in for a touchdown. But we failed the two point conversion. 

In the second half Michael Perez ran in a three yard touchdown to help increase the lead. Later Jordan Huerta caught our last touchdown. The boys continue to play hard on defense. Burton had an opportunity to score but were stopped by the defense. Great job boys. 

The Lady Hawks beat the Burton Bulldogs two games to zero with outstanding play from Jaaci Patterson, Morgan Hunter, Jordyn Chavez and Audrey Scheer. Alyssa Ibarra served well and made key passes in the Hawks victory. Nae Nae Fields and Morgan Hunter did an excellent job of controlling the play at the net. The Hawks played well, and still have room for improvement. Way to go girls!

In the JV match, Sequoia rallied well and had many positive offensive plays, but inconsistent serving allowed the Bulldogs to keep the game close. Sequoia won 2 games to zero but still needs to clean up mistakes and serve much more consistently. Danielle Russell led the team in hitting while  Alisha Verdejo led the team in setting and Harley Certuchi and Aleena Medrano passed the ball well for the Hawks. Way to go girls.