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Hawks face off against Mustangs

On Tuesday our Boys basketball team played the Pioneer Mustangs and beat them 74-23. The boys did a great job defensively and won most of the hustle plays. Our team continues to move the ball around, finding the best open shot. There is always more room to improve, but Coach Salazar is pleased with where this team is heading. Adam Daguman and Matthew Rivera both had 11 points while Isaiah Ellis had his season high 10 points. Kaleb Rogers knocked down 8 points while Josh Jimenez had 6 of his own. Great job boys!

The Lady Hawks soccer team played a solid game against the Pioneer Mustangs but lost 1-0. The defense for Sequoia was outstanding, except for a breakdown on a goal kick that led to a wide open shot for the Mustangs that deflected off the goalie for the game’s only score. On the bright side, the Hawks learned how important it is to play as a team, and how crucial it is to “Finish” on scoring opportunities. If the Hawks have the right attitude, this loss will help them when the playoffs start.