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Basketball and Soccer take double wins

On Wednesday our Girls' Soccer team faced the Summit Bears. Vivianne Suarez set the tone of the match by winning every ball that came her way. Her refusal to let the other team get to the ball first was a great example for the rest of the team as the Lady Hawks beat the Summit Bears 1-0. The defense lead by Sophia Mendoza, Mikayla Rodriguez, Marisol Hernandez and Vivianne Suarez played a perfect match working together and communicating with the goalie Vanessa Rios. In the midfield, Jordyn Chavez, Jackelinne Castro, Zaynah Ceballos, and Greeley Wilson kept the pressure on Summit and helped control the game. Sonia Castillo was another great example for how Sequoia needs to play, sacrificing her body and on one play her face as she blocked a kick from Summit’s sweeper. Sierra Weisenburger also battled as a forward, but it was Adriana Martinez who stepped up, battled hard and scored the game’s only goal with a shot from about 15 yards out. Way to go girls, Go Hawks!

Our Boys' Basketball beat SCCA 61-33 to stay undefeated. Our JV team won 50-18