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Sequoia Math Team

On April 22, 2017 the Sequoia Math team competed in a yearly competition held during Vintage Days in Fresno, organized by Fresno State University. The students competed by solving math problems. Schools participating included Clovs North, Clovist West, University High school, Manchester GATE (Fresno), Washington Intermediate School (Dinuba) among others. Sequoia Middle School earned many awards.

Third Place- Leap Frog Relay ,6-8 Yasoda Satpathy and Anushka Larson

First Place- Leap Frog Relay 6-8, Ryan Rusch and Nathanael Garcia

First Place- Medium Middle School

First Place- All Middle School

Best Math Middle School Adviser-Eddie Green

*Ryan Rusch, Nathanael Garcia, Tariq Saleh, John Felix,Ariana Robles, Yasoda Satpathy , Anushka Larson and Abigail Choi ( not pictured)