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Are you getting enough sleep?

Hello Hawks, this is the Sleep Spartans! We are here to ask if you think you are getting enough sleep. Did you know that a teenager is supposed to get around nine to nine and a half hours of sleep every night? Most teenagers only get around seven hours of sleep every night. Many people can mess up their sleep quality and quantity by doing various things. Some of these things include falling asleep while watching their TV. Falling asleep while using your favorite electronics is really common, especially when you're watching your favorite TV show. You may not know this, but when you fall asleep while watching TV, it is very unhealthy for yourself and your sleep and can cause serious health problems. When watching TV, blue light is released, which causes melatonin levels to be stifled.


Melatonin, is a hormone that makes you tired. Melatonin glands are located in the pineal gland, which is in your brain. The pineal gland is pea sized, and releases many chemicals in your brain. Exposure to blue light is what messes up your pineal levels, which affects melatonin levels negatively. When melatonin levels are not stimulated, your body is unable to properly shut down. This means that sleep is not easily achieved, which slows down necessary functions of our body is not being performed at the highest capable level. Many teenagers do not know this about sleeping with their television on, therefore they are blindly being exposed to blue light daily. This is not something that we should just let happen without any acting being done. We believe that these unaware teenagers need to be educated about the importance of not sleeping while present to blue light, which can come from television.


If you have any questions, please contact us at sleepspartans@gmail.com or find Nathan Prieto or Joseph Biagio around school.