Parents Supporting Students How Learners are Made

What Can Parents Do To Support Education at Home?

  • Talk to your child about what happens at school every day. Ask often if there are messages from the school.

  • Spend some relaxed time with your children. Share a meal or a snack. Tell them often what you like about them.

  • Listen to and share their worries. Support what you believe to be good about the school and offer your help to change any school practices that you believe could be harmful to your child.

  • Avoid scoldings and arguments when your teenagers bring bad news home. Listen to their reasons and offer your help to improve the situation. It helps if your children know you believe they will be successful.

  • Value their education by encouraging homework and reading. Help your children choose a good time and place to do their assignments and special projects. Provide the necessary materials and give them your unconditional support.