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  • Threats on Social Media: See Something-Say Something
    Threats on Social Media: See Something-Say Something

    On Tuesday there was a report of a school message saying there was a threat of a school shooting. Police were immediately contacted and an investigation was held. A student was taken into custody for ...

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  • Fowler Band Competition 10-21-17
    Fowler Band Competition 10-21-17

    The Sequoia Marching Band and Color Guard competed in the 2017 Fowler Band Review. There were 20 different middle schools competing at this year’s event. This year, the Sequoia Band was awarded second ...

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  • Sequoia Math Team
    Sequoia Math Team

    On April 22, 2017 the Sequoia Math team competed in a yearly competition held during Vintage Days in Fresno, organized by Fresno State University. The students competed by solving math problems. ...

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  • 2016 Robotics Challenge
    2016 Robotics Challenge

    Two teams from Ms. Hembree’s robotics class competed in the 2015-16 First Lego League Trash Trek Challenge. The teams were the Trashineers and the Tide Turners. Since the first month of school the ...

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  • Are you getting enough sleep?
    Are you getting enough sleep?

    Hello Hawks, this is the Sleep Spartans! We are here to ask if you think you are getting enough sleep. Did you know that a teenager is supposed to get around nine to nine and a half hours of sleep ...

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  • Robotics Competition 2014
    Robotics Competition 2014

    On Saturday November 15, 2014 our Robotics team competed in the South Valley First Lego League Robotics Qualifier. All of our teams did excellent and represented Sequoia well. The Pink Ladies (eighth ...

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