Student Life How Learners are Made


Guitar Club meets in room 209 during lunch on Fridays and Mr. Hass leads the club. In this club students learn how to play an actual instrument and have the chance to play the video game "Guitar Hero". It is a chance to spend time with friends and party like a rockstar. If you don't have a guitar, don't worry, Mr. Hass will supply some!

Christian club is a place for young Christians to socialize and be surrounded by others like them. It is run by the students so everyone gets a chance to lead and organize a meeting. Members learn more about the bible and grow in their relationship with Christ. They meet on Wednesday with Mrs. Bellezzouli.

CJSF stands for California Junior Scholarship Federation where the moto is "Service for Scholarship".Students are encouraged to participate in community service and they can join service projects as opportunities arise. The goal is to recognize high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of middle school students. They meet every Tuesday during lunch in room 102 with Mrs. Williford. Membership is not automatic or required.

Spirit club is all about supporting our Hawks! They go to our sports games and cheer for our hawks.Club members put a lot of effort to support our teams, by making signs and decorative clothes. They meet after school on home game days. If you are looking for a fun and creative club spirit club is FOR YOU.

Spelling Bee Club: If you think you got the skills to be in the spelling bee than come on and join the Spelling Bee Club. It is really fun and very exiting. We welcome those who have the skills to spell big and difficult words, or want to improve their spelling. The spelling bee is in the spring so to prepare meet with Mr. Rivera.

Anime Club: where students who enjoy anime can get together and do projects. It meets Friday with Mrs. Williford.